The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre was opened on Tuesday 1st March 2011 by the Honorable Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia.  It was a celebration of innovation and success for Parkerville Children and Youth Care, local agencies and government partners who began in 2007 to design, develop and implement this new service for children and young people who have been harmed.

Go to the page to learn about Parkerville’s vision for the Child Advocacy Centre. For more information on the Centre’s programmes and services please visit the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre Area.

Right from the beginning of the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre we have involved children and young people in planning and designing the building and choosing the artwork inside the centre. They told us they wanted bright and friendly spaces, colourful murals with lots of creatures, bugs and water.

Involving young people was also very important in the urban art project for the long exterior wall of the building. Artists Darren Hutchens, Dan Duggan and Lawry Halden facilitated workshops with young people, encouraged their ideas and harnessed these into a cohesive and creative design.  The dragon represents Parkerville, a strong creature who supports and guides children and helps them to go on a journey of recovery from hurt and harm; the children are in charge and tell the dragon how to help them.  The budding young artists named the dragon Parky which is how the kids colloquially refer to us.

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