Are you looking for the best way to utilise your valuable corporate volunteer days as well as have some fun?

Parkerville Children & Youth Care can always do with your help

We are one of Western Australia’s oldest and most respected charities and have been providing care and protection to vulnerable children and youth in need for over a century.

As we rely on the support and generosity of the Western Australian community, the time, skills and commitment given by volunteers are valuable resources to us, as they make a real difference to the lives of the children and youth we support. Our historic main campus is situated in the picturesque eastern hills of Perth, just 15 minutes from Midland. We also have a base of operations in Armadale at the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre and operate ‘cottages’  throughout the metropolitan area. We can cater for both big or small groups and can offer a range of work at a number of sites.

Where possible, our corporate volunteering experiences engage the assistance of the Education, Employment and Training (EET) programme enabling volunteers to work alongside young people who avail of our programmes and services and directly benefit from the work of the volunteers. It is a great opportunity for our volunteers to gain a greater understanding of the issues facing these young people and how they benefit from their involvement with Parkerville Children and Youth Care.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care respects the rights of children and young people. Our organisation is committed to prioritising their safety and taking every action necessary to provide a safe, healthy environment for children and young people to thrive.

Timings, locations and dates are all very flexible as our aim is to work to your requirements to ensure a fulfilling and fun day for all. Volunteer tasks can include:

  • General gardening upkeep
  • Landscaping projects
  • General building maintenance (e.g. painting, fencing etc.)
  • Special event preparation and administration assistance
  • Special projects


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Corporate Support

Parkerville Children and Youth Care could not achieve the positive outcomes we do for abused and vulnerable children, young people and families, without individual and corporate community support.

We are very appreciative of your help.

Corporate Supporters may choose to support Parkerville Children and Youth Care generally or by aligning with a specific project. Examples include:

Send a child on holiday

Parkerville Children and Youth Care frequently seeks out camps for young people to attend during school holidays. The benefit to their self esteem, increased social skills and general respite from residential care cannot be calculated in monetary terms. Cost of camps range from $250 to $350 each and are run in July, October and January.

Workplace giving

An attractive way for corporate organisations to donate is by introducing Parkerville Children and Youth Care to their employee Work Place Giving Programme. This enables employees to gain an understanding of the significant work Parkerville Children and Youth Care undertakes for abused children and young people and also allows them to make a pre-tax, tax deductible donation through their wages, direct to children and youth in need. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) provides step by step Information on how to set up a Workplace Giving Programme in your workplace. Alternatively, Parkerville Children and Youth Care staff are ready and willing to come out and speak with your staff about this initiative. Check out our work place giving area.

Sponsor a programme

More than 2000 children, young people and families access our programmes and service throughout Western Australia each year. Many of these programmes rely on the generosity of individuals and corporates to subsidise their funding and continue to deliver positive outcomes for the people who need them most. If there is a specific programme, group or location that you feel might align well with your organisation then you might consider making a one-off or ongoing donation towards that programme or a programme that targets a group or location of your choosing.

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Melissa Harrison

Phone Number
9290 1200

Beacon Road, Parkerville WA 6081


Regular or one-off fundraising initiatives are another way some corporates choose to support us. Examples of fundraising initiatives include:

  • Casual dress days
  • Morning teas
  • Corporate team events e.g. the City to Surf, HBF Run for a Reason, Rottnest Channel Swim etc.
  • Producing your own fundraising event benefiting Parkerville or making us a beneficiary of an established event
  • Supporting or sponsoring one of our fundraising events like Spring Forward or our annual Charity Lunch

We have full Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status and are open to supporting any fundraising initiatives or ideas offered.

For further information regarding Corporate Support please contact Melissa Harrison, email –