The Parkerville Children and Youth Care logo represents an important part of the Parkerville heritage. The logo was taken from the ‘Rose Window’ that is situated in the St Michael and All Angels Chapel on the campus at Parkerville. The stained glass ‘Rose Window’ was dedicated to Sister Jane and each petal of the rose is dedicated to one of the Pakerville boys who died during the first World War; Private Herbert Hallett, Driver Lionel Churchill, Private Edgar Bentley, Private James Lloyd, Lance Corporal John Lea and Private Fred Ruffle.


“As a kind of benediction to the year, the Archbishop consecrated the new sanctuary in the chapel to the Glory of God and in memory of Sister Jane and of the six boys who fell in the Great War. It contains commemorative plaques, and a rose window with a centre of clear glass – said to be left clear because Sister Kate preferred to see trees through it rather than to look at the depiction on the stained glass. According to another version, it was a temporary measure that brought lasting pleasure.


It had been Sister Jane’s fervent wish to honour her boys. Thus with these visible permanent reminders of them, and Sister Jane as well, Sister Kate and the other Sisters surely would have felt comforted. It seemed that a special chapter of Parkerville life had been completed and sealed into the history of the home.”


Whittington, Vera 1999, Sister Kate – A Life Dedicated to Children in Need and Care, University of Western Australia Press