The MOMO Programme was established in 2007 to develop strategies to gain the best outcomes for young people aged 15-21 years, who are homeless and residing in post crisis accommodation.

For Young people, MOMO will provide:

  • Opportunities to work toward long term accommodation goals
  • Access to services which can resolve issues that the young person is concerned about
  • An adult to assist with motivation to gain access to employment, education and training which meets the young person’s individual needs and capabilities
  • Assistance to re-establish relationships with family (if appropriate) and friends
  • Support to deal with outstanding issues such as court appearances, train fines or access to medical treatment
  • Advocacy on young people’s behalf with government, not for profit agencies and the public sector
  • Assistance with issues as they arise such as sexuality, substance abuse and the juvenile justice system
  • Support to the young person no matter where they reside within the South East Metro area of Perth.

For Service Providers, MOMO will:

  • Work collaboratively and proactively with all service providers to assist young people  to reach their goals.

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Box 11, Cale House
52 The Crescent
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