Headbands for a Starfish

Aurora James was created out of a love for craft and a want to do more for our community.  I have always loved sewing, and each year like to try and give back somehow.  Personally, I have been working in the Education Department for over a decade, and have seen so many kids come and go that just need that bit more support in their lives that sadly sometimes they don’t receive enough of.

Upon learning about Parkerville Children and Youth Care and specifically, the Starfish Pledge, I knew I had found the perfect match for my little business.  Fundraising towards this pledge gave me the hope that maybe we really could help our community kids just that little bit more. See here for information on the Starfish Pledge:

I decided on making headbands because they are an affordable piece that people are happy to spend their money on, and because the simplicity of the concept means I can sew like crazy in my little boy’s nap time and make an effective dent in my stock levels!

Over half of the profit will go towards our goal of the $3,000 donation. Sixty percent from each headband will be donated, and the remaining margin is spent making the next bow! It’s a labour of love, and one I feel quite passionate about.  I think we have a lofty goal ahead of us as a small business, but I believe we can get there! 

Thanks so much, Callie Hagdorn


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