Engaging with your child in special time

‘Special Time’ is a way of encouraging positive behaviours and effective communication skills for your child. They learn to become aware of their feelings and build trust and confidence within the relationship. This can be particularly useful for young children where the parent child relationship has become dominated by negative experiences, such as regularly ‘telling […]

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How to talk to your kids about safety

Teaching your child or young person information about safety can be very tricky and confronting for most parents as they often worry about making the world a scary place for their child or feeling they are making them grow up too fast knowing to much information. However preparing you child for potentially uncomfortable, challenging and dangerous situations is necessary and provides your child with important life skills to help them grow up strong. The younger we start using the language of safety and utilising day to day life events as learning opportunities to practice these skills in safety the [...]

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Helpful books for children

Books on Feelings Your emotions series e.g. I feel Angry, by Brian Moses Is a worry worrying you, by Ferida Wolff The Huge bag of worries, by Virginia Ironside Angry Octopus a relaxation story, by Lori Lite When I’m feeling series, by Trace Moroney Books on Body Awareness and Private Parts It’s my Body, by […]

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Impact of child abuse

The impact of abuse and trauma on the functioning and development of a child can be pervasive and wide ranging. These may occur slowly over time or suddenly, but most importantly they are noted to be a change from the usual behaviour or functioning of the child. These may include; ‘Frozen’ development or developmental regression […]

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Child development

The development of a child is influenced by many factors including genetics, temperament, experiences, health, nutrition, culture, family, home and community.  These factors influence every aspect of a child across a range of areas including emotional, physical, behavioural, social and cognitive development.  A child’s developmental pathway is unique and although it generally progresses in a […]

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What is attachment?

Attachment is a concept for understanding the relationship between a child and their carer.  When an infant is born they rely on their carer for nurturance, support, safety and general care, with this the child forms an attachment.  There are four main attachment styles a child may develop.  The type of attachment style the child […]

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Disruptions in attachment

Disrupted development due to maltreatment often results in attachment disruption as a result they will have their emotional development disrupted. Sometimes a child’s unwanted or unusual behaviours can be linked to this developmental delay. Think of the child’s social and emotional development as being frozen in time at the developmental stage at which they experienced […]

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The developing brain and child abuse

“There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that… trauma has a powerful influence on the development of the brain.  The effects of abuse on the person are an attack on the brain whether the abuse is physical, emotional, neglect, sexual or a combination of all or some of these forms.” (Rose, 2012) The […]

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Family Support Services

Armadale Family Support Network Armadale (08) 9391 1900 Free Call: 1300 887 487 Mirrabooka Family Support Network Mirrabooka Free Call: 1300 760 691 Midwest Family Support Network Geraldton (08) 9964 8690 Share and Care Community Services Group Northam (08) 9622 2828 Pat Thomas Memorial Community House Mandurah (08) 9535 4775 The services we provide to families escaping domestic […]

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