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What is the Kilburn Road Development?

An undeveloped 16.55ha site within the Parkerville Children and Youth Care landholding, otherwise known as SP79 has been identified for a new residential development. Located opposite Parkerville CYC’s Beacon Road campus, the parcel of land is bound by Brindle, Kilburn and Roland roads. The old farmland site is north of existing homes on Kilburn Road and Clutterbuck Creek runs through it.

What was this land before?

In 1903, the 18-acre block of farmland was purchased in the Hills suburb of Parkerville, on which the Parkerville Children’s Home was established with the construction of an orphanage to house up to 40 children. Some of the land was used as an orchard and a small holding was run as a farm on which young boys learned agricultural skills.

What is planned as part of the development?

This parcel of land is being developed for sale as residential lots. Following a period of consultation in 2019, the land was rezoned from Rural to Rural Residential. It’s envisaged that there will be around 58 lots, with most being 2,000sqm (which is around four times the size of an average suburban block). Internal roads (3.23ha), public open space (0.99ha) and a foreshore reserve (6.77ha) is also planned. There are no plans to build shopping centres, car parks or other infrastructure within the development site.

Is this the first development associated with Parkerville CYC?

Parkerville Children and Youth Care once held significant tracts of land in the area. Over the years Parkerville CYC has sold parcels of land for residential development and many existing community members now live on land once owned by Parkerville CYC. Harmony at Parkerville was the most recent development within Parkerville CYC’s land holding and consisted of 59 country-sized blocks ranging from 2,000 to 16,000sqm. Developed in three stages, nearly all of the lots have been sold since sales comments in 2015. Significant learnings from this project have been taken in our plans for the Kilburn Road Development. This is the last development Parkerville CYC has planned for its landholding in Parkerville.

Why is it necessary?

Like many Australian institutions, Parkerville CYC has failed some of the children and young people in its care at certain times in its history. The organisation is a very different one today, however it is important that we do what we can to address the failures of our past. Following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, Parkerville CYC signed up for the National Redress Scheme as a way to acknowledge the past wrongdoings of Parkerville Children’s Home and provide compensation for those who suffered as no child or young person should. The victims of historical sex abuse are ageing and funds from the sale of this land will help meet an urgent need to provide redress and ensure they live out their lives with some comfort and security.

What is the status of the development?

Following the 2019 rezoning, work commenced on the Draft Structure Plan. A Feasibility Study was also carried out, along with detailed site investigations. Plans to submit the development proposal to the Shire of Mundaring were postponed from October 2020 to February 2021. The submission had been delayed so that Parkerville CYC could consider the impact of any outcomes from the Royal Commission into Natural Disasters on the development requirements, to learn more from findings in other development applications , and to consult further with stakeholders and the community.

Has it been approved?

The development proposal has not yet been approved by the Shire of Mundaring.

Does it have endorsement from the relevant government authorities?

In 2018, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services has supported the application, noting that the Bushfire Management Plan has adequately identified issues arising from the bushfire risk assessment and considered how compliance with the bushfire protection criteria can be achieved for the region scheme amendment. In 2020, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation endorsed the Local Water Management Strategy with slight amendments to how groundwater is measured and noting the future zoning of the water reserve to be included. In 2020, Main Roads expressed it had no objections to the Proposed Structure Plan No.79 – Lot 61 Roland Road and Lot 1001 Kilburn Road, Parkerville. The development proposal has not yet been approved by the Shire of Mundaring.

What is the bushfire risk for the proposed development?

Like many parts of Australia, the Perth Hills is a high-risk bushfire zone and the major bushfires we experience in 2003, 2008 and 2014 were traumatic for many members of our community – and the memories live on. Parkerville CYC acknowledges the bushfire risks and the devastation previously caused, and is committed to high standards of bushfire risk management, including keeping up-to-date with the State Government’s bushfire planning and building frameworks.

How will Parkerville CYC respond to the bushfire risk?

Parkerville CYC considers good management of the bushfire risk a high priority and has recently updated its design to better respond to community concerns. It continues to take feedback on the matter. A comprehensive fire management plan has been prepared by technical experts in accordance with the State Planning Policy 3.7 Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (SPP3.7), the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas and Australian Standards 3959-2009 Construction of Building in Bushfire Prone Areas (AS 3959). The project team has worked closely with DFES to address fire risk requirements. The bushfire risk will be managed through the application of acceptable solutions under the Guidelines, including provisions for and implementation of Asset Protection Zones, relevant bushfire construction standards under AS3959, provisions of adequate emergency water supply and vehicle access, as well as through a direct bushfire suppression response if required. Some vegetation will be cleared within Roland, Kilburn and Brindle Road verges to achieve a low threat/non-vegetated state, as well as conversion of the current on-site grassland to a managed low threat/non-vegetated state. All future development will be located to avoid areas of extreme Bushfire Hazard Level and achieve a rating of BAL-19 or lower via building setbacks.

What about evacuation measures?

Changes to the evacuation options were made early in 2021 in response to community feedback on the plans. These include the inclusion of two 6.0m wide emergency access roads at the end of the cul-de-sacs to enable each of access to larger roads and an increase in the road widths to 18 metres. The road layout is permeable and provides easy egress for both current and future residents. The plan has numerous roads off Kilburn Road that are adequate in the event of a bushfire or emergency evacuation. For a development this size, the requirement was only for two evacuation roads, but Parkerville CYC has ensured that there are four to allow for the easy flow of traffic and is working on options for a boom gate at the end of Kilburn Road to assist with exits in the case of an emergency.

What impact will this development have on the environment?

The plans for the development aim to protect and preserve the natural environment – though it’s important to note that this land is former farming land and much of it was cleared many years ago. Thorough environmental studies have been carried out and plans developed to ensure any impacts on flora, fauna and waterways are minimized. In fact, central to the plans for the land is the restoration and improvement of Clutterbuck Creek. Buyers within the development will also be encouraged to incorporate sustainable design an living into their homes.

What is planned for Clutterbuck Creek?

The area will be revitalized as a community space, opening up the creek to the community. A walk path will be installed right around the creek (adjacent to the proposed development) and park benches will be place at locations around the creek. Parkerville CYC is committed to conserving the natural beauty and habitat of Clutterbuck Creek and will work with the community to include features including public artwork. In addition, a conservation and management plan has been developed for Clutterbuck Creek. The management plan will ensure no uncontrolled stormwater will enter the creek. This will be achieved by having a drainage swale next to the creek that ultimately improves water quality. Currently, as a farming lot, all stormwater enters the creek uncontrolled, allowing nutrient contamination. The water quality entering the creek will be significantly improved and a two-year water monitoring plan is in place to ensure the integrity of the development proposal.

How will sewerage matters be addressed?

To ensure no sewage leaks into ground water, Parkerville CYC will install aerobic treatment units (ATUs) similar to those installed as part of the Harmony Estate development. The ATUs protects from ground water contamination and also complies with the environmental requirements for effluent disposal and distance from waterways with the 100m buffer to Clutterbuck Creek.

What will happen to the trees?

Whilst the land is an open paddock once used for farming, so much of the land was cleared long ago, a survey of the land has been undertaken and all significant trees were mapped. The subdivision layout has been designed around the trees in order to protect as many trees as possible. During the survey, two hollow trees which are a favorite of Black Cockatoos for nesting were located and these will not only be retained, but the roads have been altered to go around them so the Black Cockatoos have minimal disturbance.

When will development commence?

It is anticipated that the land will be developed in four stages, but the commencement date will depend on the approvals timeline, including approvals from the Shire of Mundaring.

What will this mean for the Parkerville area?

Parkerville CYC has been park of the Hills and Parkerville community from the beginning. It is Parkerville CYC’s hope that the small and thoughtfully designed new development will continue to enhance the area with new community members, but also a revitalized space around Clutterbuck Creek with access for the whole community.

What does this mean for the heritage-listed buildings?

There are no heritage-listed buildings on the site set for development and there are no plans to develop the land on which its heritage-listed areas are situated.

Has any community consultation occurred?

The community has had various opportunities to provide their input on the development and these opportunities will of course continue.

Local Parkerville residents have been invited to sit on a Community Panel to provide feedback on the development, the restoration of Clutterbuck Creek as well as a range of other topics. A series of Open Days have begun, inviting the local community onto the Parkerville campus to discuss with development with experts in planning and development as well as having the opportunity to learn more about Parkerville Children and Youth Care. The community also has the opportunity to communicate to Parkerville CYC any input through the dedicated email address community@Parkerville Former residents of Parkerville Children’s Home are also being consulted with.

Has community feedback been considered in the development plans?

We’ve heard from many parts of the community in relation to development plans and have incorporated several changes into the plans. These changes are evident in the most recent proposals submitted to the Shire of Mundaring for consideration in March 2021.

How is Parkerville communicating development updates with the community?

Parkerville Children and Youth Care will community development updates in its regular communications such as it’s e-newsletter, its Facebook and website as well as continuing to host Open Days and Community Panel meetings.

How can I have a say?

Community input is welcomed and encouraged. Nominations remain open for the Community Panel for Parkerville residents and, if you’re interested we’d love to hear from you! All members of the community are welcome to contact us via the dedicated email


Parkerville Children and Youth Care is looking for community members who would like to be part of its inaugural Community Panel. We’ll get to know each other a whole lot better and help shape PCYC’s future in this wonderful Parkerville community.

Along with former residents and other institutional stakeholders with which PCYC engages, the Community Panel will provide valuable input into PCYC’s future plans and operations impacting the local community, including the immediate development of a parcel of land opposite the Parkerville Beacon Road Campus.

Panel members will share understandings and insights, provide feedback and help organise volunteer groups to participate in environmental and other initiatives.It is hoped that some members of the Panel will be able to hold their first meeting in 2020 and help set the agenda for further meetings in January and February.

Nomination is open to anyone keen to be involved.  The Panel will be large enough to be representative of our community and small enough to be practical and effective. All appointments will be at PCYC’s discretion.

Members will not be remunerated but we hope the reward of joining us in being active members of our fabulous community will be significant!

If you’d like to nominate, please fill out this nomination form and email it to by 11th December 2020.

An inaugural Panel will be established by mid-December though nominations for additions to the Panel will be also be accepted after this date.  It is not anticipated that every Panel member will be available to attend every meeting.

For more information, please email or complete the following web form to nominate.



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