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Stand With Us


We ask you to Stand with Us, behind all children, especially those who have experienced trauma from abuse. We ask that you help us ensure that those children who have suffered more than any child ever should, have access to the very best services on their road to recovery.

Join us in changing lives

Here at Parkerville Children and Youth Care, our mission is to protect, care, advocate and promote recovery for children and young people who have experienced trauma from abuse, to support families and to work with the community to prevent child abuse.

Last year we supported over 10,000 children, young people and families through a range of different services.

We want to make Western Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

But we cannot do it alone.

The Issues we face

Parkerville’s Child Advocacy and Therapeutic Services are critical to ensuring that each child reporting child sexual abuse have the best possible chance of overcoming the harmful impacts of trauma from abuse.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Parkerville CYC) has a large team of specialised Psychologists and Social Workers providing targeted child abuse therapeutic and advocacy services across the metropolitan area in two targeted programs.

The operation of these two key services currently run at a deficit as they receive no government funding and rely heavily on support from our donors.

How your money helps

Every dollar raised for the Stand With Us Appeal will help us give children the respect and hope they deserve.

How Your Money Helps


$3000 - helps us provide advocate and psychological support for a child.


$2000 - helps us to provide advocate support for a child.


$1000 - helps us to provide brief advocate support for a child.


$200 - helps us to provide advocate support to a child for forensic interview.


Contact our Fundraising and Philanthropy Manager for more information.

Jessica Cook

08 9235 7030

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