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Do you have space in your heart and home for a child in need? Our dedicated team of Therapeutic and Respite Foster Carers provide a safe, loving and nurturing home to children and young people who are facing some of the biggest challenges in their young lives. We here at Parkerville are always on the lookout for people to become Carers and help us change the lives of children in WA for the better.


Therapeutic Foster Carers at Parkerville provide a long term, loving and supportive environment for children and young people by supporting them with an abundance of love, nurturing and care within their own home. The family setting provides a stable long-term placement for the child and/or young person until they are ready to leave care, at the age of 18. Our Carers come from a diverse range of background experiences, and cultures, and provide love and support for those in their care.

After an initial interview, potential carers are provided with information on the role and the required assessment as well as the anticipated time-frames for completing the assessment. This assessment determines a person’s suitability to become Foster Carers.

The process for a person to become a registered Foster Carer can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Therapeutic Foster Carers are then carefully matched with children to ensure the best possible likelihood of a successful placement.



At Parkerville Children and Youth Care we have two types of Foster Carers. The first is the more flexible option of the two, these are known as Respite foster carers. Respite Carers are volunteers who provide a home and care for a child on weekends or during school holidays.

The other type of Carer is the Therapeutic Foster Carers. These are single, married, same sex individuals and couples who are committed to providing full time short or long term care, love and a home in for a child or children with whom a strong relationship has developed.

It may seem daunting when deciding whether or not to become a Foster Carer however it is a role which truly positively impacts the lives of children and young people, increasing their life opportunities, providing them with love, stability and a family to call their own.



When you become a Foster Carer with Parkerville you can be rest assured you will not be alone. Our team of specialists are with you every step of the way with dedicated support teams in place to assist you with every challenge and celebrate with you at every accomplishment.

When fostering a child with us, the child remains under the care of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, we will work together to improve the outcomes for some of WA’s most vulnerable children and young people.

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