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Our Education, Employment and Training (EET) Programme is a unique programme that aims to prepare young people aged 14 to 16, who are at risk of failing school, to not only realise their potential but achieve it. 

Our goal is to work with these students to develop their literacy, numeracy, social and life skills in a safe and secure environment. We also aim to teach students basic work skills and encourage them to develop a solid work ethic. We do this by giving them the opportunity to gain real experience of the world of work with all its demands and reward under the supervision of our wonderful staff up at the historic campus located in Parkerville.

The EET programme is registered with the Department of Education and Training and caters for young people who have, for many reasons found mainstream schooling has not worked for them and as such, they have left or are at risk of leaving the education system before passing the compulsory school age.

We also receive referrals from the Department of Justice and the Department of Communities - Child Protection and Family Support as the programme is seen as an effective early intervention programme for these young people.

The EET programme has two intakes a year in February and July. Students must be enrolled with a state school in order to be eligible for a place.

Believe It - Achieve It!

Since its inception in 1984, the EET programme has developed a reputation in the community as an effective model for giving young people the tools to become positive contributors to their community. The programme aims to instill in these young people a desire to achieve their goals, to remove barriers and help them to believe in their abilities. The career opportunities for graduates are diverse with many choosing a trade or to further their education. The EET programme assists 20 young people per year, with a record of around 80% of the young people leaving the programme move on to employment, vocational training or further study.

Individual Approach

Individualised plans and goals are created to assist each young person who joins the ETT programme. The programme runs for a total of six months and in this time we provide these young people with mentor-ship, support and practical skills to help them to thrive. The programme includes:

  • Daily intensive educational support from qualified teachers; with young people enrolled in Certificate II of General Education for Adults (CGEA), a nationally recognised qualification

  • Employment as trades assistant, the young people work alongside experienced supervisors who teach them about safety, workplace communication and show them the standard of work expected by employers.

This important work can only be achieved if we continue to receive the support of the local business community in the form of sponsorship and work experience placements for our young people.

Without their support, this programme would not be so successful at giving these young people all the tools to create a successful future.

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