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Our Reconnect programme is a free, voluntary, confidential programme which works to prevent young people that are aged 12-18 years from becoming homeless. Reconnect provides an outreach service to both young people and their families.

Our friendly staff can meet the young person and or family where they wish. Some may like to catch up at home, a coffee shop, school or in a park, wherever they feel most comfortable.

We aim to be as flexible to your needs as possible , if you are a parent we are happy to catch up during your lunch break at work or at home after hours, whatever works for you!

Our Reconnect team can:

  • Assist to improve the young person’s relationships with family and of friends by providing individual support, information, counselling and mediation
  • Assist with education, employment or training programmes
  • Link young people to community networks and support services
  • Assist parent/s/carers to access any further supports they require
  • Provide service to the young person or family for approximately 12 weeks

Referrals can be made by the young person, families, schools or any agency by phoning Reconnect on 9235 7062 during office hours Monday to Friday 9-5pm. If the office is unattended, then please leave your name and number and staff will get back to you as soon as they can.

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