Safeguarding children and young people

Parkerville CYC is committed to the health, safety and general wellbeing of all children, young people and families. Parkerville CYC strives to:

  • provide a safe environment for all children and young people;
  • take an inclusive approach in all activities;
  • provide support to families; and
  • work with the community to prevent child abuse.

Parkerville CYC recognises the importance of developing and implementing systems, which protect children and young people from exposure to abuse. This involves:

  • recruiting the most appropriate personnel to work in our programmes:
  • clearly outlining the expected behaviours of personnel;
  • ensuring personnel have access to induction, supervision, internal training and ongoing performance reviews;
  • making available to personnel, training on safeguarding children and young people; and
  • ensuring that personnel are supported in recognising and reporting concerns related to the safety of children and young people who access our services.

All of these factors contribute to a culture of safeguarding children and young people.

Parkerville CYC considers any form of child abuse including emotional, physical, sexual abuse, family violence, grooming or neglect as unacceptable and will report such cases to the appropriate authorities i.e. senior members of staff, the Chief Executive, and where appropriate, Department for Child Protection and Family Support and/or the police. Parkerville CYC has a comprehensive reporting process for all suspicions and disclosures of child abuse and all involved personnel are familiar with this.

If you would like to read more about Parkerville CYC’s commitment to safeguarding children and young people, please refer to the documents contained in our resources section below.

For more information on the impact of child abuse please watch the video called “Keeping them Safe” and follow the link “What is Child Abuse?” to find out more about child abuse in all its forms.

Keeping Them Safe

Children's Safety Study


Contact Information

If you would like more information or have any queries, comments or concerns about the practice and behaviour of a staff member, or anything related to the safety of a child or young person participating in a Parkerville CYC programme, please inform the programme manager or use the “Contact Us” tab on the home page or alternatively you can contact the Quality Team. 


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