Award winning Advocate

Lisa McAneny – Children’s Youth and Family Agencies Association Award

On the 8 September 2016 our very own Child Advocate Lisa McAneny won Ongoing Commitment Award at the Children’s Youth and Family Agencies Association Award Ceremony.

In navigating the previous divides among agencies, Lisa has become known as a skilled social worker. Her engaging demeanour coupled with a strong belief in strengths based practice leads her to being well respected as a colleague across all non-Government and Government agencies that she has contact with.

She also engages in a lot of additional inter and intra-discipline education and development by providing supervision to social work students, mentoring psychology graduate students, and consulting to and with psychologists, police, social work, administrative and other colleagues. Her work in this domain is highly valued by those receiving this consult, and by Parkerville Children and Youth Care as the organisation at large.

We are very proud of Lisa- Congratulations!

For more information about Child Advocacy please see: Child Advocacy

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