Breakfast with Hannah Baker

Over 100 guests attended the breakfast and listened to the inspiring and powerful story of Hannah Baker who is advocating for improved and system responses for child and young people who experience abuse.

Listen to the audio of Hannah’s speech, see the you tube clip of her message and purchase her book and resources for young people by visiting her website.  It has been a privilege to support Hannah in giving feedback to WA and publishing her books

Hannah’s feedback about the breakfast included

“It meant so much to me and I felt very respected. It has been heart warming and inspiring to meet some very dedicated people who really want to make a difference in the lives of children and young people.

I have done an audio recording of my presentation which can be found on my website here:

The news article from The Australian (thanks to Paige Taylor) can be found here:

Also, the video presentation I made for the breakfast (‘Let’s not waste a minute more’) can be found here, please feel free to share it:

Thank you again so much. Please keep the discussion going so that we can improve things for other kids coming through the systems.

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