‘If you have space in your heart and space in your home….you can become a Therapeutic Foster Carer for Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc.’

Who can apply to be a Therapeutic Foster Carer with Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Parkerville CYC)?

Parkerville CYC welcomes single, married, same sex, divorced and Fly in Fly Out people and couples. The Therapeutic Foster Care assessment will determine your capacity to care for a child. You must be over the age of 18 and have space in your home to accommodate a child or young person.

What sort of children and young people does Parkerville CYC care for?

Parkerville CYC provides care for children and young people who have experienced trauma from abuse and neglect.

How much information will I receive about a child before they are placed in our care?

Prior to a child entering your home a Therapeutic Foster Care Manager will provide you with all the relevant information they have about a child’s background, previous placements, medical history, behaviour patterns.

What level of contact will I have as a Therapeutic Foster Carer with Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS)?

All contact with CPFS will be facilitated through your Parkerville CYC case manager. Parkerville CYC promotes a Multi -Displinary Team approach which welcomes input from the CPFS case manager towards a child’s placement.

What type of meetings will I be required to attend as a Therapeutic Foster Carer?

You will be invited to attend care team meetings once every 4-6 weeks which centres on supporting carers and children placed within the Therapeutic Foster Care programme. Care Teams are scheduled around carers’ schedules. Depending on the needs of a child carers can also be invited to meet with Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and schools to ensure you are involved in planning and care of the child.

What support do I receive as a Therapeutic Foster Carer?

You will have access to a 24 hour telephone support service via Parkerville CYC On Call service. This on call service ensures you can speak to a qualified professional who will provide support and advice to you in your role as a carer. Parkerville will assign a Therapeutic Foster Care Manager to support you and your child.

What opportunities are there for Professional Development as a Therapeutic Foster Carer in Parkerville CYC?

Therapeutic Foster Carers are invited to attend all internal training opportunities within the agency. Parkerville CYC offers professional development in the area’s of trauma, attachment, crisis intervention, sexualised behaviours, self care and many more.

How long does it take before our family can become Therapeutic Foster Carers?

From the time you apply to the time you are registered takes approx. 3 months depending on your availability and screening/medical checks being completed. The time difference depends on which position you have applied for. To become a Therapeutic Foster Carer, the application / assessment process takes a long time as we need to carefully match children with long term carers. For holiday hosting, in which a child may stay with you every second weekend for example, the application / assessment process will not take as long.

Will the child or young person's family be told where we live?

Generally the address of the Therapeutic Foster Carer is not provided to the family unless you have given your permission and it is seen as appropriate.

Do children or young people usually stay in their local area when in Therapeutic Foster Care?

Children and Carers are matched according to the child’s needs and the preferred family structure of the Therapeutic Foster Carer/s. To minimise disruption to the child, we try to keep the children in their local area.

If we become Therapeutic Foster Carers, will the child go to our local school or will they stay at their own school?

If a child is staying for a short period they will usually remain at their own school so they continue to have contact with familiar people and places. If it is a long term placement then the child would attend the school in your suburb.

Can children and young people in Care accompany our family on holidays overseas?

If you are a Therapeutic Foster Carer, Yes. Holidays are often an experience that children and young people have not had. However, you will need to tell the CPFS case worker as it may effect regular contact with a parent. If travelling overseas you need to gain approval from CPFS and allow sufficient time for planning and passport applications. Children in the care of CPFS can not travel to countries with travel warning in place.

Can I nominate the age/sex of the child I would prefer?

Yes. You can give your preference about the age and gender of a child you think would fit best with your family and lifestyle.

Can I work outside of the home and be a Therapeutic Foster Carer?

Yes many Therapeutic Foster Carers maintain employment out of the home. This is something that will be explored with you during the assessment process to ensure you can meet the needs of a child and ensure they attend all relevant appointments along with you attending care teams.

What does the subsidy cover?

Subsidy covers the day to day living expenses for a child such as food, shelter, toys, clothing, pocket money, haircuts, outings, local transport, and leisure activities. Additional expenses such as school books, public school fees, school uniforms, medical expenses etc. will be covered by Parkerville CYC. A detailed breakdown of financial subsidy information is available from a member of the Therapeutic Foster Care team.

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