Australia is known to be one of the most generous nations on earth when it comes to charitable giving. Almost 75% of Australians support a charity in their lifetime from donating, holding morning teas, attending fundraising events or partaking in sporting events. Parkerville Children and Youth Care have experienced this first hand, our organisation has been fortunate to have some of the most loyal and generous supporters in Western Australia for the past century.

Unfortunately the statistics aren’t as grand when it comes to Australian’s leaving a gift in their Will for a charity. Currently, only 7.4% of people do so. However, the impact these gifts have is essential to the work that Parkerville Children and Youth Care do.

After you have provided for your friends and family, we ask you to consider including a gift in your Will to Parkerville Children and Youth Care and help us in our mission to end child abuse in Western Australia.  You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will – no matter what size the gift; it helps your legacy, and the work we do, live on.

Every gift, no matter the size, helps Parkerville Children and Youth Care continue the crucial work that we do day in, day out. Advocating for and providing specialist care and services to those most vulnerable in the community; children, young people and families who have experienced trauma from abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gift in Will / Bequest?

A gift in Will or a bequest as it is also known is an allocation you make in your Will where you may choose to leave money or an asset to a chosen charitable organisation. This may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or proceeds from the sale of certain assets.


Who will benefit from my gift?

Your gift enables you to help us support the 13,500 children, young people and their families who have experienced trauma from abuse that we work with every year.

You may choose to donate your gift to a programme of your choice within the range of services offered by Parkerville Children and Youth Care, or you may elect to offer your gift to the organisation to allocate across all programmes.


How do I leave a gift in my Will?

It’s as simple as asking your solicitor or legal advisor at the time of writing your Will to show you how. Of course, we don’t expect you to do this right away, but we respectfully ask that when the time comes you make your last wishes something to be remembered.


What if I already have a Will?

If you have already made a Will but are now interested in supporting Parkerville Children and Youth Care, you can do so by adding a codicil. This is an addition to your will which would include a gift to Parkerville Children and Youth Care.


What terminology should I use?

Please speak to your solicitor or legal advisor to discuss appropriate wording as this will depend on the type of gift you wish to leave.

It is however important that you include our full legal name, registered address and registered ABN.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Inc.)

Beacon Road, Parkerville WA 6081

Registered ABN: 86 437 092 401


Do I need to tell you if I have included a gift in my Will?

It is your choice if you want to let us know if you have left a gift in your Will. However, we would love if you could let us know so that we can thank you for your generous gift and discuss your wishes.

We can also provide you with updates on the work we are doing, invite you to our events and plan for the future.


Who can I speak to if I would like some more information?

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly Marketing and Communications Team on (08) 9290 1200 or email We would be more than happy to discuss any questions you might have about the work we do, and how your gift could be used to support WA’s most vulnerable children, young people and families.