Make a difference in the life of a West Australian Child today through an individual or corporate Starfish Pledge.

Support Parkerville Children and Youth Care in making a difference to the lives of WA children suffering trauma from Abuse. Through individual and corporate pledges you can put a child through an entire year of personalised therapeutic care, giving them the skills and support to overcome trauma.

Pledges can be made through monthly payments of $250 or a lump sum of $3000.

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The Story of the Starfish

This story is of a renowned writer who takes himself to his beach house twice a year to reflect and get creative thoughts.  Each morning he sees, in the distance, a figure dancing.  It appears to be dancing from the shore to the water’s edge.

As he gets closer, he sees that the figure is hurling something into the water and, as he continues to approach, he sees it is a young man.  He gets close enough to the young man and asks “young man, what are you doing on this fine morning?”

The young man smiles, looks at the writer and, in a bemused manner, says “why I am throwing starfish into the ocean”.  The writer smiles and says, with a chuckle, “well I should have asked why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?”

The young man turned and pointed at the sand dunes “the sun is rising and when it does, the starfish that are on this beach will die”.

The writer looked around incredulously and replied “but young man there are hundreds of starfish on this beach, you can’t possibly make a difference”.

And, with that, the young man bent down, picked up a starfish, dashed to the water’s edge and hurled the starfish beyond the breakers.  He came back to the writer, looked him in the eye and said “it made a difference for that one”.  And, with that, the embarrassed writer bent down picked up a starfish and joined the young man in his quest.