Fundraising for Parkerville – Shimmy style

Parkerville fair-goers were treated to an impromptu bellydance performance by students from Midland Dance Studio, at the Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s recent picnic celebrations on the 7 May.

The dancers were taking part in Shimmy Mob, an international bellydancing event to create awareness and raise funds for women’s and children’s shelters. They are raising funds for Parkerville Children and Youth Care forming on World Bellydance Day, Saturday May 13, joining with dancers from around Perth to perform a belly dance in Flash Mob style in the various public spots in the hills, Midland and Perth city. This same dance will be performed by Shimmy Mob groups in 11 countries and 172 cities around the world, on the same day, with all participants wearing the same t-shirt.

Perth Shimmy Mob team leader Ann Southall hopes people watching their performances this week will enjoy it enough to donate generously to Parkerville Children and Youth Care. “Shimmy Mob is all about helping women and children affected by abuse, and Parkerville provides a unique service to children and families who find themselves in situations beyond their control,” she said.

“We love dancing and we’ve really enjoyed learning the Shimmy Mob choreography. It’s a chance for seasoned and new dancers to do something fun that gives back to the community”. “We can’t wait to shake our hips, and our tins, on World Bellydance Day.”


To fundraise for Parkerville Children and Youth Care:

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