Helpful books for children

Books on Feelings

  • Your emotions series e.g. I feel Angry, by Brian Moses
  • Is a worry worrying you, by Ferida Wolff
  • The Huge bag of worries, by Virginia Ironside
  • Angry Octopus a relaxation story, by Lori Lite
  • When I’m feeling series, by Trace Moroney

Books on Body Awareness and Private Parts

  • It’s my Body, by Lori Freeman
  • Hayden Reece Learns a valuable lesson that private means Just for you, By Holly – Ann Martin
  • My Body belongs to me, by Jennie Gray
  • Everyone’s got a bottom, by Tess Rowley
  • A very touching book, by Jan Hindman
  • My Body Rules, by Caryn Anderson and Melanie Howe
  • Your body Belongs to you, by Cornelia Spelman
  • Good Touch Bad Touch, by Teresa Connor

Books on Early Warning Signs

  • Jelly Legs, by Colin Varney
  • Jasmines Butterflies, by Justine O’Malley

Other useful books

  • Is this Normal by Holly Brennan and Judy Graham (FPQ)
  • Talk and work it out by Cheri Meiners, M.Ed.
  • Some secrets should never be kept by Jayneen Sanders

Available from

  • Relationhip Australia bookstore online
  • UK book depository online
  • St lukes books online
  • Family planning Queensland online



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