What is a Child Advocacy Centre?

In Australia 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be abused before 18 years of age, the consequences of which are wide ranging and costly. As a society, it is our combined response to the child and family that can help determine the long term outcome and impact abuse.

A Child Advocacy Centre is a community based, family friendly place where professionals from different agencies and disciplines come together to provide specialist services to children, young people and families who have experienced abuse. Police, child protection workers, Psychologists, child and family advocates and other allied health form a team to reduce the harmful impacts of trauma from abuse.

Australian Child Advocacy Centre Journey

Parkerville Children and Youth Care opened Australia’s first Child Advocacy Centre in Armadale in 2011. The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre now responds to one third of all child sexual abuse reports in Western Australia.

The research evaluation of the George Jones Advocacy Centre undertaken by the University of South Australia findings noted the centre as International best practice;  and has been recommended expanding the model throughout Australia.

The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre enables services traditionally only provided in the city to be provided in the community of Armadale for children and young people in surrounding suburbs.

The child friendly facility is a place of hope for children and young people who have been abused, bringing together child abuse professionals who support the needs of child victims and their families.

This Child Advocacy Centre is an easily accessible visible service in the community, promoting the importance of child safety and wellbeing.  The  Child Advocacy Centre runs community activities and programmes and supports professionals in their work, facilitating ongoing learning for those who work with children.

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