Hello everyone!

I am writing to you all to let you know of a decision we have made in light of the health risks associated with COVID-19 and large gatherings of people.

As you can imagine, the risks to people we support, and most importantly to the children we serve alongside our staff and community, has been at the forefront of our mind of late. We need to be sure that everything we do is highly protective of you all, but especially to those most vulnerable – the babies, children and young people who live with us in our cottages or foster care arrangements. So with that in mind, we have made the extremely hard decision to cancel events that have groups of people gathering and are due to happen soon. This means that the Annual Family Day Picnic that was set to be held on Sunday the 5th of April will not go ahead as planned. The ‘Parky Picnic’ has been an event that Parky has hosted for many years and it is not without a heavy heart that we have decided to reschedule the date to when there is less risk imposed by COVID-19. This is a precautionary decision only.

Thank you to all our suppliers for your understanding and to the entire Parky community, we really do appreciate and value your support. And don’t worry, we will be calling on it again once larger gatherings of people pose less risk. ❤️




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