This Advocacy Roles, Skills and Training web is a package aimed to highlight and enhance the Advocacy Role for professionals working with victim/survivors of sexual violence.

Core Project Documents

This web based resource includes the following key documents as the core resources developed by the Project Team:

“ISVAs [Independent Sexual Violence Advisers] do not duplicate any other existing role, as they are the only specialist sexual violence workers whose remit specifically includes providing crisis intervention, emotional support, practical assistance and help to victims whilst working in a multi-agency partnership … it is the combination of emotional support and practical assistance that is the hallmark of the ISVA role;” Independent Sexual Violence Advisors Role: a process report (2009) p. 6

“Through our more than 770 Children’s Advocacy Centers, the National Children’s Alliance empowers local communities to effectively respond to victims of child abuse”. The National Children’s Alliance (USA).

The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre, which undertook the above project and this web, is the first Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in Australia and looking forward to other similar CACs being developed in Australia.

Web Instructions

Click here or any of the links below to browse this web. The left navigation bar contains a range of information based on nine advocacy role domains.

Use the left navigation Search link to find additional advocacy role documents.

Additional resources from Australia, the UK and USA have been provided for a greater range of approaches and tools. Most links to resources and external webs will open in a new window.

This web and associated resources are suitable for course facilitators and workshop participants, staff and students working with victim/survivors of sexual violence, supervisors, programme designers and policy makers.


We are grateful to the victim/survivors who contributed to this web.  While the web is not specifically designed to meet their needs directly, victim/survivors and supportive non-offender family members may find some information useful, particularly the section on services and resources and for parents/caregivers, and the section on children and families.

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