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Course developed by Parkerville Children and Youth Care, Australia, Jan 2013

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Video resources

A range of video resources have been provided with this resource:

Most of the videos in this course are available on YouTube.  You can download these using

  • Click here  for the videos used in the workshop

  • Click here for 3 short sexual assault survivor videos from the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.

  • Click here for information about the advocacy and psychologist roles at the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre (Click here for the full 11 min video, Click here for Amy’s story).


(Australian) This course is aimed at professional staff working with victims/survivors and their non-offending families who have experienced sexual violence. It is designed to build on professional knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience of those already working in this area.

In particular, it presumes prior specialist knowledge of the sexual violence area which is a pre-requisite for the course.

Other desirable areas of associated knowledge include trauma informed practices, attachment, strength based approaches, child abuse, cultural competency and systems approaches.

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While the course aims to develop knowledge and skills in this area (role adequacy) in also aims to specify how the advocacy role fits within the participant’s current job role (role legitimacy) and emphasises the importance of on-the-job workplace learning and practice (role support).

To maximise course benefits, the learning program consists of:

  • A short, pre-workshop on-line module
  • A one and a half-day workshop
  • Workplace activities before the workshop, between the first and 2nd day, and post-workshop.

Other sexual assault advocacy courses

TAFE Units / Courses (Australia)

  • CHCAD401D – Advocate for clients  This generic unit within the Community Services Training Package, is most often an elective in a range of Cert III, IV and Diploma courses.
  • CHC41012 – Certificate IV in Community Services Advocacy This course which contains the above as a compulsory unit, also has a series of electives around a range of service areas such as disabilities, alcohol and other drug, mental health, child protection and tenant advice.  However, as yet there are no electives in this course specifically focused on sexual assault.