Standards developed for this resource

The Parkerville Children and Youth Care (2013) Advocacy Standards for Working with Children, Young People and Adults who have Experienced Sexual Violence (Australia) contains introductions, performance and knowledge indicators across 19 standards as well as examples of other standards and links references and resources.

The Parkerville Children and Youth Care (2013) Advocacy Role Domains (Australia) contains nine advocacy domains derived from the above standards as an easy to use summary with skills indicators.

Who are these advocacy standards for?

The standards developed for this resource have been designed for the advocacy role of front-line service practitioners working with victims/survivors of sexual violence. They are role standards.

Organisational or services standards have not been developed specifically for this project, however links to organisational standards are provided.

How the standards might be used

These standards are provided as a guide to service delivery and professional development and may be used:

  • As a basis for training programs and other professional development such as performance management, coaching and supervision,  reflective practice
  • For role specification in job descriptions
  • To assist in the development of service specifications, workforce planning and quality assurance programs

Other Related Standards

Action for Advocacy (2006)  Quality Standards for Advocacy Schemes (England and Wales) contains 10 standards with indicators for organisations as well as practitioners.

National Occupational Standards (2014) Sexual Advocacy – Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) (United Kingdom) 59 standards associated with the search terms, “sexual advocacy”.  Further refinement of search results can be made by clicking on various occupations such as the ISVA found on the left side bar of the National Occupational Standards search site.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care (2011) George Jones Child Advocacy Centre Practice Principles and Standards (Australia) contains 10 standards based on the USA’s National Children’s Alliance Standards for Child Advocacy Centers along with other operational principles and practices. (Click here for Annotated Bibliography of the Empirical and Scholarly Literature Supporting the Ten Standards for Accreditation 2nd edition by the National Children’s Alliance)

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (2012) Guiding Principles When Working With Survivors (Australia) contains a brief overview key elements when working with survivors of sexual assault.  Reinforces many of the advocacy elements

WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support (2014)  Standards for the Delivery of Child Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Services (Australia) contains 16 standards organised within eight service delivery areas.

Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (2002) Practice Standards for Working with Women Affected by Domestic and Family Violence. (Australia) contains ten principles and twelve useful appendices, most of which can be applied directly to work with victims of sexual violence.

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