Roles, Skills and Training Project 2013

The Roles, skills and Training Project was completed in 2013 and highlights and enhances the Advocacy role for professionals working with victim/survivors of sexual violence. In addition to the resources available from these pages, the training package includes the following:

The information on these pages is based around nine key advocacy domains. In addition to material written for this site, numerous external links and videos will provide greater depth and a range of views from Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA; and links to free online courses and course materials from other jurisdictions will also be available.

This web and associated resources are suitable for workshop participants, other staff and students working with victim/survivors of sexual violence, supervisors, course facilitators, programme designers and policy makers.

We are thankful to the victim/survivors who contributed to the content. While the web is not specifically designed to meet their needs directly, victim/survivors and supportive non-offender family members may find some information useful, particularly the section on services and resources and for parents/caregivers, and the section on children and families.

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