Interviewers based in the city travel to the centre in Armadale to provide interviews for children. Families really appreciate being able to travel to a local place for these interviews it makes the day less stressful for them, they don’t have hassles with buses, trains or car parking and its often easier to organise care of other children and support for themselves if interviews happen closer to home. The good will of interviewers who have travelled to the centre of the past 12 months has been excellent. One of our goals at the centre is to support the work of other professionals who are key to providing services to children, interviewers included. If we can make their job easier they are able to focus on their role and responsibilities and provide an excellent service to children and families.

Interviewers often comment on how they enjoy coming to the centre, they think it’s a great place to interview children and they relax themselves and know families are well supported by the Child and Family Advocate. Here is some feedback from one the interviewers “I would like to extend my appreciation for the services and the support offered to my colleague and myself yesterday while we were at the centre completing a Forensic Interview. We were working on a Urgent Priority case and the support offered by the Advocate was much appreciated. The Advocate had the interview rooms set and ready to go, met us on arrival, met with the children and the Department for Child Protection staff and kept us updated on the progress of the children the whole day. A huge thank you to the Advocate for her massive support yesterday”

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