Community Development and Justice Standing Committee (2008)

Inquiry into the Prosecution of Assault and Sexual Offences

Report No 6 in the 37th Parliament 10 April 2008. Details of the committee can be found at

Hall N. (2008)

Child Advocacy Centres: A way forward to improve multi-agency services for Australian children who have been harmed

Number 20 Summer/Autumn Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies NSW. Read the Child Advocacy Centers Publication (PDF)

Hall N. (2007)

Child Advocacy Centres in Australia – A Way Forward. Improving multi-agency services for children who have been harmed.

Winston Churchill Trust Fellow 2006. Visit the Churchill trust website and Read the Child Advocacy Centers in Australia Publication (PDF)

The National Children’s Advocacy Center (2010)

Annotated Bibliography of the Empirical and Scholarly Literature Supporting the Ten Standards for Accreditation by the National Children’s Alliance. Read the National Childrens Advocacy Centre Publication (PDF)

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