Child Safety Accreditation

Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc. (Parkerville CYC) have signed up to The Australian Childhood Foundations (ACF) accreditation process. The aim is for Parkerville CYC to achieve ACF accreditation in 2016.

The need for integration and effective cross-organisation collaboration has never been more urgent and more important as we embark on our challenge to achieve Child Safety accreditation.

The Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) will oversee the accreditation process and representatives will visit Parkerville in February 2016 and describe the process of accreditation to key staff members. Informal visits to some of the sites will be arranged for the visitors.

It is a well-established fact that successfully aligning a workforce behind a specific cause is the key to creating cultures of innovation and collaboration that can drive success. As much as leaders think they might be the secret behind the success, a wiser leader will know it is employees who determine whether any change programme successfully achieves its desired outcome.

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What is the Safeguarding Children Programme?

  • The Safeguarding Children Programme represents a series of interventions all aimed at empowering organisations to strengthen their capacity to protect children and young people.
  • An aspect of the programme is the unique voluntary accreditation scheme for organisations that have a duty of care to children and young people whilst delivering a service or activity to them and/or their families.
  • The programme systematically builds the capacity of organisations to keep children and young people safe from abuse and exploitation by staff, volunteers or other relevant related individuals.

What is Safeguarding Children Accreditation?

  • Organisations make a commitment at the highest governance level
  • Develop a set of policies and procedures
  • Board, Staff and Volunteers complete training
  • Undergo an external audit to verify that all personnel understand what Safeguarding means and what their responsibilities are
  • Are assessed to have a Safeguarding culture throughout the organisation
  • Are interviewed and recommended by our Safeguarding Children Programme Panel

Achieving accreditation of the Child Safety (CS) standards will be a success shared by all employees, because, without a whole of organisation commitment, we will not be successful. Being successful will provide our Organisation and our employees with a badge of honour that informs the community; not only do we think we have a suite of services that ensures child safety and best practice, but we have been examined by external practitioners and they agree. It will send a most important message to our clients; your child is safe in our care.

There is a mammoth amount of literature written on what works and what does not work in terms of managing change processes in organisations. We have some recent experience of change over the years. In this process our Quality Team and Senior Management Group will ensure the voice of the employee is heard in our implementation.

The Quality team will be providing ongoing support and consultation to all staff and services across the organisation throughout the accreditation process, if you require more information or have some ideas/suggestions please contact Marie (CS coordinator) or any of the quality team members at the Midland office.

Child Safety Hotline: 92357009

Valuing Children Initiative

This year Parkerville CYC, in joint partnership with Centrecare, will launch the Valuing Children Initiative. This endeavour is in recognition of the fact that the value we as a society, place on our children has been very low on the list of priorities for decades. Through this initiative we hope to change that.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc. and Centrecare are very happy to welcome Project Manager, Linda Savage and Project Officer, Emma King, as the inaugural members of the “Valuing Children” team. The team’s role will be to establish this very exciting project.

The “Valuing Children” initiative is intended to bring a positive, community focus on all children, bringing them to the forefront of our considerations. The task is to inspire Australian society to value all children, not just our own, and to see their wellbeing as a common responsibility. It is our belief that a greater, societal commitment to children and their needs will help create the opportunity for all children to flourish and maximise their potential. It will also contribute to forming a much richer, more welcoming and caring society. Linda’s and Emma’s passion and experience will ensure the success of this visionary and challenging project.

The initiative will commence on the 27th January for an initial 12 month period.

July 2014 – June 2017

Australian Centre for Child Protection, (ACCP at the University of South Australia)  3-year post-doctoral fellowship and partnership.

Dr James Herbert is undertaking a broad program of research to determine how best to respond to children and their families from the point a child first discloses they are being harmed.  This can be a very stressful and uncertain time for children and families as they participate in interviews, investigation or assessment processes.  The research aims to explore how to attend to the needs of the child while not compromising possible judicial outcomes.

A Senior Officers Group across government and non-government services has been established to support the research project. The research is likely to examine issues such as the strengths and limitations of the Child Advocacy Centre service model as delivered in WA, the services within mainstream government agencies, the service experience of children and families, and potential ways to improve outcomes for them.

Dr Herbert is supported by the team at the ACCP and is supervised by Dr Leah Bromfield, Deputy Director of the ACCP and Professorial Fellow to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse established by the Australian government

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