In October 2012 WA Education Minister Peter Collier announced – the inaugural Child and Parent Centres at 10 independent public schools. Later in January 2013 a further six Child and Parent Centres were announced, with ten successful organisations that would coordinate and manage these centres.

The intention of the Child and Parent Centre’s is to bring together allied health services, government and non-government agencies, for the purpose of early intervention to ensure children have optimal health and development.

The Child and Parent Centres aim to provide high quality, accessible and integrated universal and targeted programmes and services for children pre-birth to eight years of age and their families. These services and supports aim to increase the capacity of families to provide experiences and home environments that enable children to thrive in all developmental domains and achieve smooth transitions, sustained engagement and success with schooling.

Although based at independent school sites, these centres are seen as a community resource that enable the local community to access a coordinated range of services for children and their families. The types of programmes and services that could be provided include, though are not limited to:

  • Antenatal education and child health checks and referrals
  • Parenting information and programmes
  • Mental health, disability and psychology services
  • Allied health services, including speech and occupational therapy
  • Information sessions on supporting children’s physical, cognitive, language, and social and emotional development
  • Early learning and development programmes with parental involvement, such as playgroups

Compelling evidence has existed for some time of the importance of investing in children from the earliest possible stages of life and that a collaborative and integrated approach to the provision of services to infants, children and families will result in positive outcomes for children and the community more broadly. Six years ago, Parkerville Children and Youth Care began its journey in early intervention and prevention programs.

Last year Parkerville provided primary, secondary and tertiary services to over 10,000 children, young people and adults across Western Australia. The two Child and Parent Centres, not even fully operational reached out with services to over 2000 children and parents.

These services included multicultural parenting groups with ESL teachers, Aboriginal playgroups with Indigenous Parenting Factor literacy programme, Kindergarten Transition programs led by a Speech Pathologist, 3 year old supported playgroup for children with developmental delay, Young Parents at Play playgroups, St John Ambulance First Aid Training for parents and children, Speech Pathologist working in community playgroups and kindergartens, School Readiness assessments, teacher workshops on protective behaviours, and managing trauma in the classroom, Triple P parent workshops, Wize therapy bulk screening assessments, aboriginal health checks, and the list goes on.

Whilst many activities are held at the Child and Parent Centres, others are held at various locations throughout the community to make it easier for parents to attend. The Child and Parent Centres provides their services based on what is needed and wanted within the community, so ideas and feedback from local families is very important. If you would like to become more involved in your Child and Parent centre community, or have any ideas and requests for services, please contact the manager for Brookman and Westfield Park CPC’s Matthew Wilson on 9258 4646 or email


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