Therapeutic Family Preservation Service is a tertiary service with the primary aim of preventing children entering into care by supporting families to safely remain together.  The programme, which began in July 2012, employs a team of five highly specialised staff including a Programme Manager, three Case Managers and a Psychologist.

We also have the option to draw upon the high standard of therapeutic skill and experience within the Therapeutic Family Services team, comprising of Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists.  Our model of service differs from the traditional models of Intensive Family Support Services insofar as our model relies on a ‘staggered down’, longer intervention model spanning twelve months.

Too many times we have seen families enter services for a short term fix.  Whilst this may yield short term change and family development, these gains are often lost over time.

Our model has four distinct phases:


Joining with the family in undertaking an objective home based assessment which incorporates the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale and information from the Child Protection and Family Services (CPFS), Signs of Safety meeting.


The team visit the home regularly to support the family with working towards clear goals in order to make changes to allow children to remain safely in their care.


We continue to visit regularly although less frequently. This is the critical stage in the change process. The expectation is that with fewer supports  the family can maintain the changes made during the intensive phase, thus allowing their children to remain safely in their care.


This is the final stage and where the family is able to independently manage and maintain their gains and changes they have made to safely allow their children to remain with them. We remain in contact with the family by phone and home visiting less frequently than previous stages.

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