School Based Support Services (SBSS) is a unique, innovative programme facilitated by Parkerville Children and Youth Care (inc). This preventative programme was developed in 2006 in consultation with local schools and key community members in the Armadale and surrounding regions. In partnerships with schools, Parkerville Children and Youth Care Inc. provide a range of targeted and easily accessible services for children and families within the school campus.  These School Based Support Services (SBSS) aim to provide support to families, increase the resilience of children and strengthen links between schools and their local communities, both north and south of the river.

In consultation with the school, SBSS are able to provide a range of services within a school.  These may include:

  • Information and Assistance: provided to ensure families feel supported within the school community and to link parents to relevant community and support services.
  • Individual Supportive Counselling: providing parents and children with an accessible, family friendly environment in which to discuss individual issues and work towards a therapeutic goal.
  • Group Work Programmes: Psycho-educational groups to enhance and develop children’s social and relationship skills and daily living skills, including:
    • Facilitating activities that build positive relationships between school and parents;
    • Supporting the development of parent groups and strengthen parental engagement with the school;
    • Protective Behaviours ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ programme: a living skills programme which provides children with a range of skills aimed at helping them to identify potentially unsafe situations and empowering them with strategies to respond appropriately and effectively to preserve their physical and emotional well-being.
    • Activities for children and parents outside standard school hours focused on providing healthy lifestyles, self-esteem, communication skills etc.;

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School Community Engagement Programme

Louise Hanna

Phone Number
9498 3580



George Jones Advocacy Centre
2 Wungong Road (corner Church Road)
Armadale WA 6112


These programmes are offered as whole class or small group programmes. Information and education sessions are also offered to parents, and professional development for school staff is available.

SBSS activities are available to schools on a fee for service arrangement. If you would like more information on the programme please contact Louise Hanna, or on 9498 3580.

2009 Results from the Australian Early Developmental Index indicate that 31.2% of children in the Armadale region were developmentally vulnerable on one or more domain and 17.1% were developmentally vulnerable on two or more domains (AEDI National Report 2009). Research indicates that providing support and education to parents and children within a familiar environment (such as the school) produces benefits on a personal, familial and societal level. In vulnerable communities the need for approachable and holistic services are particularly paramount in reducing the prevalence of child abuse (Blakester, 2006).


Centre for Community Child Health and the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.  A snapshot of early Childhood Development in Australia – AEDI National Report 2009, Australian Government Canberra.

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