Therapeutic Foster Carers provide a long term, loving and supportive environment for children through the provision of nurturing care within their own home. They are able to, in a natural family setting, provide a stable long term placement until the child ages out of care at the age of 18. Carers come to Parkerville Children and Youth Care from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, however, all have the ability to provide love and support for the child/ren in their care.

After an initial interview which is designed to identify what children would appropriately match the requirements of the community family, Therapeutic Foster Carers are then carefully matched with children to ensure the best possible likelihood of success.

The child remains under the care of Parkerville Children and Youth Care and is provided with resources and an ongoing commitment by Parkerville Children and Youth Care, which is overseen by the Director Out of Home Care.

Therapeutic Foster Carers are part of the Parkerville Children and Youth Care team and are regularly invited to attend training which provides the opportunity to meet regularly with other carers and staff, to discuss issues pertaining to the care of other people’s children.

A strong community support network is an essential ingredient to the success of the placement and carers may be supported by their own extended family, an existing Holiday Host family, a local community or the child’s own extended family. Carers have the full support of Parkerville Children and Youth Care to assist in establishing these networks if they do not exist, as well as having access to other Parkerville Children and Youth Care programmes and services.

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Johnny Rylatt

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9290 1200