To be considered for a role as a Therapeutic Foster Carer or Respite Foster Carer applicants must successfully complete the following process:

  • Intial meeting
    Commences the assessment process, providing applicants with an overview of process requirements, anticipated timeframes etc.
  • Screening checks CPFS/ Police/ WWC
    Completion of legislative requirements for adults working with children. (See Screening checks below for more information)
  • Referee checks
    You will be asked to supply the names of referees, who can provide information as to your suitability to become a carer.
  • Medical
    You will be required to attend your General Practitioner who will complete a written report and provide information on your physical and emotional capacity to care for children.
  • Up to 3 household visits
    The Assessor will meet with the applicant to gain relevant information about family history, background, personal relationships, current living arrangements etc. to measure in line with the competencies and strengths requirements stipulated by the Children and Community Services Act 2004
  • Mandatory foster care training (19 hours)
    Equips potential carers with knowledge of the potential challenges of foster care while providing useful information for implementing therapeutic care
  • Draft report issued
    Provided by the Assessor to the programme director for review
  • Panel review
    Assessing panel review report and discuss application to Foster Care
  • Letter of offer
    Sent to applicant on approval of the Foster Care panel

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