There are ten standards a Child Advocacy Centre must implement to receive accreditation:

  • Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)
    Including representation from Child Protection, Mental Health, Medical, and Child and Family Advocacy.
  • Cultural competency and diversity
    Policies, practices and procedures that are culturally competent i.e. appreciating, understanding and interacting with members of diverse populations within the local community.
  • Forensic interviews
    Neutral, fact finding and coordinated.
  • Medical evaluations
    Specialised medical evaluation and treatment as part of the Child Advocacy Centre MDT response.
  • Therapeutic Intervention
    Specialised mental health services as part of the MDT response at investigation and throughout subsequent legal proceedings.
  • Child and Family Support / Advocacy
    As part of the MDT response focussed on the needs of the child and family.
  • Case Review
    Team discussion and information sharing regarding the investigation, case status and services needed by the child and family.
  • Case Tracking
    System for monitoring case progress and tracking outcomes, suitable for all team components.
  • Organisational Capacity
    A legal entity responsible for programme and fiscal operations, basic administrative practices.
  • Child-Appropriate/Child-Friendly Facility
    A comfortable, private setting that is both physically and psychologically safe for clients.

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