Support Parkerville Children and Youth Care

How can you get involved:

1.       Invite us to speak at your team meetings where your whole group can learn more about Parkerville Children and Youth Care and raise awareness of child abuse

2.       Share our information via our Facebook page, annual report and flyers, newsletters, email signature “Proudly Supporting Parkerville Children and Youth Care’

3.       Engage in workplace giving through your payroll

4.       Undertake a Corporate volunteer day to visit one of our sites and work alongside our staff and a youth team with site maintenance and gardening activities

5.       Commit to a pro bono project to aid the young people and staff at the organisation. We have a wide range of tasks which urgently need attention so if you consider your team experts in the work that you do- give us a call!

6.       Create a fundraising activity such as a morning tea or create your own event to raise funds for therapeutic care of children and young people at Parkerville Children and Youth Care

7.       Sponsor our events: annually we run regular events to engage with the community and would love you to get involved

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