Out of Home Care

We believe that together we can build a community where all children and young people feel safe to dream, to thrive, and to reach their fullest potential.

Most children and young people who enter care at Parkerville Children and Youth Care are initially placed into a residential facility with up to four children. Sometimes special purpose houses are set up to cater for the individual needs of different children or sibling groups.

Children and young people who live in residential placements are cared for by professional carers who are highly trained and supported to enable them to provide healing and nurturing living environments. The objective of the residential placement is to provide a therapeutic and intensive environment in which children and young people can develop and heal from their previous abuse with the expert attention of a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Following a comprehensive assessment undertaken by the Department of Communities Child Protection teams, children and young people can be offered a number of care options – they can be returned to their biological families with support, transitioned to a long-term placement known as Therapeutic Foster Care; or placed in our therapeutic family group homes or cottages in the community.