Key Practice: The Care Team

The Care Team is where the important adults in a child or young person’s life come together to make decisions about how to support them now and in the future.

The Care Team is the child or young person’s team. It’s a team that works together to ensure the best decisions and outcomes for a child or young person in care.

This team addresses the needs of the child or young person now and in the future, always keeping an eye on moving towards positive possibilities. A Care Team should ensure that a child or young person is empowered and supported for the eventuality that they leave care (whether that is through Reunification or Ageing Out of Care) rather than solely focusing on the day-to-day needs.

Importantly, the Care Team is a team, not just a meeting. While regular Care Team meetings are important spaces for coming together to make important decisions, the Care Team should always be working in the interests of the child or young person by keeping each other up to date, supporting each other when needed, and putting the decisions they make together into action.

The Care Team Practice Guide

Practice Guide

A how-to guide for the Parkerville team