Our Way Home Final Report

The Our Way Home final report delves into the activities, learnings and lessons we have identified as a result of the codesign and pilot.

Throughout the project, people with lived experience of the out of home care system have shared experiences, views and aspirations with us. Your thoughts and views are priceless and we thank you for trusting us with them.

This project is a joint endeavour between Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Parkerville) and Innovation Unit, funded by Lotterywest.

Our Way Home is about co-designing and delivering a new model of out of home care for children and youth with an emphasis on developing, retaining and strengthening connections for children and youth in care with their families, communities, and culture.

Since 2019, Parkerville has partnered with Innovation Unit to develop, pilot, and implement a new model of radically personalised shared care called ‘Our Way Home’. In a radically personalised shared care model, restoration is our end goal – by which we mean reunification with family where this is safely possible, or ongoing, stable shared care arrangements built on strong and trusting relationships between child, family, and carer. Each child’s journey is personalised to their unique circumstances, needs, cultural identity, and ambitions, and engineered towards restoration at whatever pace and process is right for each young person.

With support from a Lotterywest Covid-19 Innovative Service Models grant in 2021, the Our Way Home model has been designed and continually improved with the input of over 200 stakeholders including Parkerville team members (both professional and volunteer carers, and other staff), young people with a lived experience of out of home care, families, Aboriginal communities, and the Department of Communities. Radically personalised shared care is a significant departure from out of home care as it is currently delivered by most carers at Parkerville (and across the OOHC system), and a significant staff development and organisational change effort has been crucial for implementation.

While the Our Way Home model builds on strengths and positive practice identified in parts
of Parkerville’s existing care delivery, a new set of capabilities (including mindsets, skills, and
knowledge) will be required in our workforce, the families we work with, and other professional carers supporting the children we work with, to deliver radically personalised shared care successfully.

The Our Way Home final report delves into the activities, learnings and lessons we have identified as a result of the codesign and pilot. You will read the voices of children, young people, parents and carers who felt the impact of Our Way Home, as well as insights and comparisons of the model, and a look into the next steps.

To access the final report please email ourwayhome@parkerville.org.au.