Therapeutic Care Program

The Therapeutic Care Program is an intensive support and education program for children 0-17 years who have been removed from their biological families and placed into the State care with the WA Department for Communities - Child Protection and Family Support.

Children referred to Therapeutic Care Program may have experienced a range of traumatic events, including physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence, homelessness and poverty.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s Therapeutic Care Program provides medium and long term care for children, some of whom will return to their biological families and some of whom will remain in out-of-home care until they reach eighteen years of age.

The program involves a multidisciplinary specialist team comprising of social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, a teacher, and a paediatrician.

Children are cared for in three types of placements:

Why children and young people under 18 years need Therapeutic Care

Children and young people are the most vulnerable members of our community. They rely on adults to create a stable, loving and safe environment in which they are able to grow and be strong in all areas of their lives.

Children and young people who enter out-of-home care have not received these experiences and remain highly vulnerable. Sadly, many have had traumatic and painful experiences in their early lives which in turn shapes their behaviour, the way they think and feel, their ability to form safe relationships with adults, carers and peers.

We believe that truly understanding and joining with the lived experiences of children and young people is the first step on their journey of safety and healing. At Parkerville Children and Youth Care, we are continuing to build an advanced and innovative therapeutic care program that offers love and nurturing, security and belonging, emotional and developmental support. The Therapeutic Care Program is designed and delivered by a professional care team who are evidence-based and theory-led, committed to creating strong relationships and always holding the child at the centre of our care and support.