Child Safe Accreditation

As an accredited Child Safe organisation – the first in Western Australia – we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and young people by putting their best interests first in everything we do.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care operates to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and in accordance with Australia’s National Child Safe principles.

We have rigorous recruitment, training and governance processes in place and hold ourselves to exemplary conduct, never losing sight of the trust families and the community place in us to help our “superkids” transform their lives and fulfil their potential.

Our centres are places of learning, not just for children and young people, but for everyone who works with them.

We have taken the learnings of the past into our 21st Century organisation to focus on the future and the potential of every child who finds their way to us. We provide safe places where kids can be kids, where families are nurtured and celebrated, and where the hurts of the past begin to heal and hope blooms for the future.

Our recruitment, training and operating procedures recognise the importance of implementing systems that safeguard children and protect them from exposure to abuse. Parkerville Children and Youth Care has a comprehensive reporting process to ensure any suspicions and disclosures of child abuse are identified and dealt with in an efficient, timely and appropriate manner. Abuse in any form will not be tolerated.