Leave a gift in your will

By leaving a gift in your will to Parkerville Children and Youth Care, you can leave a legacy that will positively impact the lives of children, young people and families in your community. Parkerville Children and Youth Care will ensure that your gift goes towards making the people that we serve grow up safer, more hopeful, and living to their fullest potential.

We believe that childhood should be rich with colour and experiences. It is a sacred time of safety and well-being, and to dream, imagine and discover. However, this is not the reality for some children. In Australia, one in four girls and one in six boys will be abused before they are eighteen years of age.

Our wish for every child, is to feel safe, be heard and imagine a future full of possibility. Our vision is to build a community where all children and young people feel safe to dream, to thrive, and to reach their fullest potential.

But we cannot do it alone.

As you think about your wish for children and your plans for the future, please consider leaving a gift in your will to the children and young people who come to Parkerville in need of our care and support.Including a gift in your will, no matter the size, will make a real difference in helping us to reduce the impact of childhood trauma due to abuse and other adverse life events.

How to include a gift to Parkerville Children and Youth Care

We encourage you to seek legal advice and to consider your family and loved ones when writing your will. When it comes to how you would like your donation to be used, the choice is yours. If you would like to discuss the use for your gift, please contact us so that we can ensure that your wishes are possible and are implemented. Alternatively, you can leave it to our discretion to direct your gift where it is most needed. Whatever area your gift supports, you can be proud knowing that you will be making a lasting contribution to much needed specialist care services for children, young people and families. For more information, including details for solicitors, please download our Gift in Wills Information Pack here.

Contact Us

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to Parkerville Children and Youth Care. If you would like to have a confidential conversation about the impact of your gift, or if you have any questions, please call us. We want to ensure that we can carry out your wishes so that your gift impacts the future children and young people of Parkerville, as you want it to. All correspondence and information are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed unless you say otherwise.