Ensuring a Bright Future

At 5 years old, Grace was referred to the Parents and Children’s Therapeutic Service (PACTS) for individual counselling following her experience of sexual abuse. Grace has a speech impairment which meant she could not make the claim herself or be interviewed, however, through the Protective Behaviours program and individual counselling, the team at Parkerville Children and Youth Care worked to identify and reduce any trauma symptoms resulting from the abuse and to support her family.An initial assessment was first conducted with Grace’s mother to confirm the information and details regarding the circumstances. Grace’s mother engaged positively with the clinician and was keen to support Grace throughout the service due to her young age.Grace received counselling to assist her to develop the skills needed to help deal with all forms of difficult or abusive situations. The program worked to empower Grace to navigate difficult or hostile situations, instil the right to feel safe, and gave strategies to help keep safe. Grace demonstrated understanding of key concepts and with some support and prompting, was able to problem-solve a number of hypothetical scenarios.Grace’s mother attended all of the sessions with Grace, to ensure that the information could be used at home to support ongoing learning, and also attended two parent sessions that focussed on encouraging and supporting Grace through the process and at home.

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