The Power of Hope

At just two years old, Mark and six of his siblings were placed into foster care to ensure they were safe and cared for as their family home was not providing this. For six months, the siblings were in care across a number of homes. The team at Parkerville Children and Youth Care worked to offer a specialised foster care placement to reunify Mark and his siblings.

Mark’s new home provided him with a warm and nurturing environment that allowed him to truly thrive through therapeutic care focusing on reducing the impact of trauma and maintaining a safe connection with his family, to ensure he felt a strong sense of self and belonging.

At 16, Mark and his 17 year old brother moved to foster care with a focus on preparing them for independence. Mark thrived in his final two years in care and with the support of his foster carers, Mark graduated Year 12 and joined the Australian Army Reserve Program, a dream he held for many years.

Mark faced a difficult start in life but with his determination and unrelenting hope, and with the help of our therapeutic team and carers, he is thriving. On his 18th birthday, Mark expressed thanks to all who came on the journey with him and continues to regularly see his foster carers.

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